Get Fresh and Delicious Meals Delivered Right to Your Factory.

We use only the freshest ingredients and prepare each meal with care.



  • Factory Deliveries - Enjoy delicious homemade meals from our professionally trained chefs. You'll get a fresh, satisfying meal every day.
  • Corporate Events - We provide special gourmet meals during board meetings, company trainings and seminars.
  • Special Occassions - Call us for all your special events. We provide finger licking food for weddings, birthdays, house warmings and any other special occassions that bring people together.
    We offer a wide range of menu options to suit any taste and dietary requirement, from classic dishes to fusion cuisine.

Fast delivery.

We understand the importance of getting meals quickly, so we work hard to ensure your meal will arrive within the agreed time frame.


To the company

Advantages that your company will derive from this arrangement.

Increased productivity

By providing employees with nutritious, homemade meals, you'll be helping to keep them energized and focused throughout the day. This can lead to increased productivity and a more positive work environment.

Cost savings

By providing meals for employees, you'll be reducing the amount of time they spend away from work looking for food. This can save your company money in the long run, as well as reducing the risk of lost productivity due to employees returning late from lunch breaks.

Employee Satisfaction

By providing employees with delicious, homemade meals, you'll be showing that you care about their well-being. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction and loyalty, which can be beneficial for your company in the long run.

To the employee

We understand the importance of providing nutritious and satisfying meals to keep your workforce energized and productive

Employee Health

Providing employees with nutritious homemade meals will help them maintain a healthy diet, which can lead to improved overall health and well-being. This can result in fewer sick days and a more productive workforce.

No Lunch Burden

By outsourcing meal delivery, you are reducing the financial and psychological burden on the employee to manage their meals. This will improve their mental well being making them more productive.

Better Employee Relations

By providing a meal service, your company is also able to promote it's brand and product to the employees and their families. This can lead to increased exposure and brand awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out using the contact form at the bottom for any enquiries.

How is Billing and Invoicing done?

Automated billing is run every Sunday via Email, for settlement on Monday.

Will reconciliation details be provided?

Yes. At the close of each business day a comprehensive report of those employees who will have eaten will be provided through email, giving the amounts spent on each meal type as well as the total spent by the company for the day.

What do I need to get started?

Please send us a message through the form at the bottom of this page and we will prompty get back to you.


Lando Fries has been an essential part of our factory. The meals always arrive on time and they make our lunch breaks something to look forward to.

Daniel Omukaka

Lyophilizer Operator

It's nice to get a freshly cooked meal without having to leave the factory.

James Muthama


The food is amazing! I can't get enough.

Thuo Kamau

Packaging Operator

Lando Fries has made my factory breaks so much more enjoyable.

Janet Limo


I particularly like the fact that their meals are no different from what I would cook at home.

Teresia Mulandi

Sales Executive

For me time is everything. I oversee the production shift and that means punctuality cannot be over-emphasized. I am glad to say that so far Lando Fries has not disappointed.

Moses Gakuo

Production Supervisor

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